How to Download and Save Your ZipList Recipes

ZipList Recipes

You may be one of the millions of people that have saved your favorite online recipes in the ZipList universal recipe box. In many instances, people have spent months or even years searching for and collecting recipes that they love. Ziplist is closing and will not provide recipe support after December 10th, 2014. What now? Fortunately, we offer a super easy solution.

ZipList is providing a way for you to download all of your saved recipes and personal notes. Meal Planner Pro can then easily upload and host all of your ZipList recipes and notes in our full-featured recipe box. In a few easy steps you can access all of your recipes and keep all of the same great features that ZipList offered. You’ll be back searching and saving recipes in no time and will have the peace of mind that your recipes are stored in a safe and secure location.

To see just how easy we make it to add your ZipList recipes please visit our instruction page here “Save Your ZipList Recipes”. You’ll be adding ingredients from your favorite recipes to your grocery list in no time.

Additionally, you can install our recipe clipper plugin to your browser and save any online recipes while searching your favorite recipe sites. Continue to save recipes from all the sites you’ve come to know and trust with one click of button. In just seconds the recipes are saved to your Meal Planner Pro recipe box for easy reference. Drag and drop our recipe clipper to your browser here…Meal Planner Pro Recipe Clipper.

We have you covered. From meal planning to the dinner table. Upload and save your ZipList recipes, add your own recipes, save recipes while you search the web, search our collection of over 800,000 recipes, create grocery lists, create weekly meal plans and so much more. It’s all free of charge.


Meal Planner Pro is a comprehensive free meal planning website and grocery shopping list application. Features include:

Full-Featured Recipe Box

Grocery Lists Organized By Aisles

Recipe Search Engine With Over 800,000 Of The Best Recipes

Add And Share Your Own Recipes

Save Recipes From Your Favorite Sites With Our Recipe Clipper Plugin

Plan Out Your Meals With Our Free Meal Planning Calendar

Works With Any And All Mobile Devices

Grocery Lists Are Synced Allowing You To Add/Edit Your List From Anywhere




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