Ten Top Tips for Healthy Eating.

These tips are not out to make you throw everything out of your kitchen cupboards and start all over again. These tips are just ways of tweaking your everyday diet to make all your favourites still delicious but a little healthier.

1.   Preserve all the goodness.

When cooking vegetables try to steam or stir fry them. The benefits are that they do not take as long to cook and they preserve the colours and the nutrients.

2.   Flavour not fat.

Use herbs, vinegar, tomatoes, onions and/or fat-free or low-fat sauces or salad dressings for a healthy and tasty salad. No one wants a boring dry salad but by changing to some of these suggestions you can enjoy a tasty salad with reduced fat.

3.   Prepare in advance.

Having a quiet day at home and making a lovely healthy meal? Why not make a few more healthy meals and freeze them? Then when you get home in a couple of days and you have had a terrible day at the office, you got caught in traffic and you are starving and exhausted instead of picking up the phone for a pizza you can defrost and heat up one of your healthy meals.

4.   Say no to excessive salt.

Prepared seasonings often have a high salt content. Why not try an alternative salt free seasoning? Or maybe add lemon zest or chillies for added flavour.

5.   Use up spare fruit and make a smoothie.

This is a really easy and tasty health drink to make. Add a few fruits, some 100% fruit juice and low fat yoghurt into the blender and mix it up. Easy, very quick and you could even get all your five a day.

6.   Baking

When you are baking replace your normal yoghurt, sour cream or butter for low fat/ reduced salt products instead. It will still taste amazing.

7.   Compare

Compare nutrition labels whilst out shopping. You may think all tomato sauces taste the same but compare the nutrition labels they will not be the same and opt for the one with the lowest sodium.

8.   Go for brown not white.

Instead of white foods (e.g. white sugar or white flour) opt for brown sugar or wholegrain flour. Wholegrain contains more of your dietary requirements then refined items.

9.   Home made

Make your own muffins and breads. They will not contain preservatives or bleach and you can adjust the recipe to make it healthier.

10.  Change your milk

Instead of full fat milk try and go for skimmed milk. Most skimmed milks contain less than 1% of fat.

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